Give Paws

I recently made a trip to visit a trio of lion cubs at my local zoo. They were just the right combination of fluff and chaotic cuteness. Following each other around the habitat, occasionally checking in with mom or taking a playful swipe/pounce at one of their siblings. It was a pleasant, wholesome way toContinue reading “Give Paws”

Survival Squirrel

I would like to bring your attention to the squirrel in the above photo. I think that in one way or another, we’ve all found ourselves in similar positions. Not literally, hopefully. Although, if you have found yourself sitting awkwardly in a bird feeder, please feel free to share in the comments below. On aContinue reading “Survival Squirrel”

Tolerable Tradeoff

Spring has arrived. I know it to be true not because of the date on the calendar, but because of the newly returned pulse to my sinuses. Before I go too far down that self-pity path, I will say it’s a tolerable tradeoff for the return of a bit of color. Still, spring is notContinue reading “Tolerable Tradeoff”