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The Other Shoe

A few years ago, I witnessed the dropping of about 20 boots. It was part of a performance of “Oklahoma!”, not some footwear production mishap,…

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Snow Way

I’m writing this while listening to the rain outside. Which is admittedly a pleasant sound. The steady clamor of traffic takes on a softer but…

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Figurative Fog

We’ve reached the hazy, grey part of the new year. You know, the figurative fog that hits after the holiday hype has faded away and…

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Wing It

The beginning of a new year, by definition, brings a lot of new. One of my favorites is a new planner. There’s just something special…

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Gnome Stretch

The end of the year is a time of reflection on the past and planning for the future. Of course, that means we sometimes neglect…

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A Moment to Adjust

This past weekend, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended in the U.S. That means on Sunday morning we woke to a world that was very much…

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Trained Tracks

If you would like to see humanity at its best and worst, I highly recommend a trip on public transit during rush hour. Throw in…

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A New Way to Fall

A few weeks ago, I stumbled spectacularly. This was a literal stumble and not a metaphorical one. As is often the case, my head was…

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Labored Lecture

Is there anything better than returning to work the day after a long weekend dedicated to the workforce? Yes. There are many (so many) things…

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