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A New Way to Fall

A few weeks ago, I stumbled spectacularly. This was a literal stumble and not a metaphorical one. As is often the case, my head was in one place and my feet were in another. As most successful walkers will tell you, ideally you want your head and feet in the same general vicinity.

Labored Lecture

Is there anything better than returning to work the day after a long weekend dedicated to the workforce? Yes. There are many (so many) things better than that, but here we are.

The last few years have come with many lessons, and the value of work is a big one. What that “value” is? Well, that is still very much up for debate.

Cozy Cognizance

Fuzzy socks are exponentially softer when it’s snowing outside. Hot chocolate/coffee/tea is like liquid love when it hits your lips on a crisp, cool morning. There is nothing cozier than your favorite blanket after a hectic day.

Awkward adj.

Not smooth or graceful, but here and willing to try anyway.

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