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A Moment to Adjust

This past weekend, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended in the U.S. That means on Sunday morning we woke to a world that was very much the same, but also an hour earlier than we expected. This changing of the clocks combined with the changing of the seasons means our days feel a little shorter andContinue reading “A Moment to Adjust”

Trained Tracks

If you would like to see humanity at its best and worst, I highly recommend a trip on public transit during rush hour. Throw in a far-reaching service disruption and prepare yourself for a show.

A New Way to Fall

A few weeks ago, I stumbled spectacularly. This was a literal stumble and not a metaphorical one. As is often the case, my head was in one place and my feet were in another. As most successful walkers will tell you, ideally you want your head and feet in the same general vicinity.

Awkward adj.

Not smooth or graceful, but here and willing to try anyway.

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