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Be Mindful

The power of art and the tales we tell ourselves. 🐝🧠 #awkward #blogpost

Give Paws

I recently made a trip to visit a trio of lion cubs at my local zoo. They were just the right combination of fluff and chaotic cuteness. Following each other around the habitat, occasionally checking in with mom or taking a playful swipe/pounce at one of their siblings. It was a pleasant, wholesome way to…

Groggy Gratitude

The arrival of spring has me feeling a little groggy (yay allergies!) and in search of gratitude. If that sentiment has you rolling your eyes, I get it. Most of us aren’t wired to focus on the positives. If we have a headache, we generally won’t feel grateful for our pain-free knees. In my search…

Rainy Day Ramble

We’re in the rainy days of spring here in the northern hemisphere. The days that tend to get categorized as dull and grey are necessary for those gorgeous spring days and the summer that will eventually follow. These days aren’t just a requirement or a price paid for the “true spring”, but are actually delightful…


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