Soft Start

Welcome to the Mondayest of all Mondays — the first Monday of the year. I actually enjoy Mondays, and the first one of the year is no exception. That being said, I fully understand that for many, Mondays are the worst. That makes this first Monday after the holidays, the absolute worst.

Wander Into the Frame

One of my favorite holiday traditions is taking in and photographing the holiday hustle and bustle. You know, the usual sidewalk insanity but with a torrent of twinkle. It starts with the unveiling of the Macy’s holiday windows and ends with the savvy sprint of the last-minute shoppers.

Black and White Plain

This black and white plain has no shades of grey. There’s no room for diplomacy or personal sentiment. It’s a world of strategy and ruthlessness. It’s also quite beautiful and inspiring when played by those who know what they’re doing. In case it wasn’t already clear, I did not know what I was doing.