Tolerable Tradeoff

Spring has arrived. I know it to be true not because of the date on the calendar, but because of the newly returned pulse to my sinuses. Before I go too far down that self-pity path, I will say it’s a tolerable tradeoff for the return of a bit of color.

Still, spring is not my favorite season. It’s also not my least favorite. It falls in between, which seems fitting for a season of transformation.

Spring brings with it all the wild, bluster of winter, but with a touch of warmth. It shows us that while the world seemed cold and still, growth and change were always at work below the surface.

It’s an invitation to take part in nature again. Reminds us to slow down and smell the roses, and to always have some extra tissues on hand just in case our Claritin isn’t pulling its weight.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

Published by Lindsey

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