Groggy Gratitude

The arrival of spring has me feeling a little groggy (yay allergies!) and in search of gratitude.

If that sentiment has you rolling your eyes, I get it. Most of us aren’t wired to focus on the positives. If we have a headache, we generally won’t feel grateful for our pain-free knees.

In my search for that seasonal silver lining, I’ve found that spring is also filled with simple joys…in addition to pollen. Yes, most of those “joys” further irritate my already fuming immune system, but that just seems like an alliterative opportunity to be both groggy and grateful.

Another simple pleasure., typing that last sentence that at one point felt like a farfetched, unreachable destination, but is now ever so slightly in your rearview mirror.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

Published by Lindsey

Writer | Editor | Reader | Theater Nerd | Photographer | Traveler | List Enthusiast

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