Rainy Day Ramble

We’re in the rainy days of spring here in the northern hemisphere. The days that tend to get categorized as dull and grey are necessary for those gorgeous spring days and the summer that will eventually follow.

These days aren’t just a requirement or a price paid for the “true spring”, but are actually delightful in their own way.

They’re an invitation to get in touch with your inner child and experience the wonder and joy of encountering a puddle whilst in rain boots. They’re an opportunity to let go of the control of perfection and find beauty in the imperfect moments.

Rainy days are a reminder that joy is not something owed to us by the world. It comes from within.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

Published by Lindsey

Writer | Editor | Reader | Theater Nerd | Photographer | Traveler | List Enthusiast

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