Snow Way

I’m writing this while listening to the rain outside. Which is admittedly a pleasant sound. The steady clamor of traffic takes on a softer but also clearer quality. The ambient city sounds take on an almost magic, ethereal quality.

There’s only one problem, it’s January. It should be snowing.

I apologize if my desire for snow brings on another bomb cyclone, but also, I’m not. As previously noted, it’s January. It should be snowing.

The shortage of snow and excess of fairly comfortable weather has me thinking about the softer side of January.

You know, the cotton candy skies that appear after the latest snow squall. The snow-globe flakes that start too fall the second you’ve had your fill of winter. The sun that emerges every few weeks and appears to be 10x brighter than the sunniest summer day.

Yes, those moments are rare, but that’s what makes them so sweet. It’s also why it should be snowing right now.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

Published by Lindsey

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