Snow Surprises

After a brief bout of impatience, the snow finally arrived in my corner of the world this past week. With its return came the less-than-subtle reminder to slow down. Thankfully this particular snowfall was soft and steady, so I met the ground much sooner than usual and it was kind enough to cushion my landing.

This softened landscape does more than catch the occasionally clumsy pedestrian. For a moment, it provides a canvas on which we leave our mark. It tells the story of our days. Our coming and goings. Our slips and stumbles. Outside of ourselves, it allows us to see those who have come before us as we leave our own trail for those who follow.

Yes, in a few days or hours, the once-pristine surface will have turned into a grey, sludge soup. Another reminder of the impact our movement has on the world. If enough people take the same route, the path is eventually cleared.

It’s a visible reminder that no matter how bleak the scene may be, others have been where you are and they made it through. It may not have been pretty. They may have stumbled spectacularly a few times, but they made it.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

Published by Lindsey

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