A Moment to Adjust

This past weekend, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended in the U.S. That means on Sunday morning we woke to a world that was very much the same, but also an hour earlier than we expected. This changing of the clocks combined with the changing of the seasons means our days feel a little shorter and darker.

This week marks another kind of change in the U.S., with the arrival of the midterm elections. On Tuesday, voters have an opportunity to participate in our nation’s brand of democracy. In many ways, we’re not where we expected. We’ve taken some steps backward and the past several years have had more than their fair share of dark moments.

The thing about darkness, whether it’s brought on by DST or political movements, is that it makes it easier to see the light. Yes, it can feel overwhelming and all-consuming. However, in most instances, if you give your eyes a moment (or two) to adjust, you’ll see that the light is still there.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward. Go Vote…and don’t forget to thank your poll workers.

Published by Lindsey

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