A Little Love

A few years ago, I purchased a miniature rose plant. Before adding it to my windowsill garden I gave it a name, as one does. Mr. Thornton is a northern gentleman with a fondness for southern sunshine. He can be a bit prickly but is also sweet…sometimes.

This week, I’ve learned something new about my potted pal. He’s a bit of a romantic, or at least he is this year. His first buds of 2023 arrived right in time for Valentine’s Day. They haven’t quite bloomed, but they’re almost there.

Today inspires a range of opinions and emotions for plants and humans alike. The focus on romantic love can feel a bit isolating for those who don’t find themselves in a relationship. The cultural pressure of the holiday can make it just as uncomfortable for couples.

Perhaps we should all take a leaf from Thornton’s book. Love doesn’t have to look a certain way or meet some impossible standard. Love can be exciting in grand gestures but is usually far more real and present in the little things.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

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