The Definition of Awkward

Look up “awkward” in any dictionary and you’ll find a flurry of words ranging from “embarrassing” to “inconvenient.” While it can be both of those things, for the purpose of this experiment in awkward, here’s what I’m defining it as:

Awkward adj.

Not smooth or graceful, but here and willing to try anyway.

In other words, awkward = not perfect. It applies to so many of life’s moments, like say launching a new blog on a Monday kind of Tuesday right after a long weekend. But I’m here, you’re there, so let’s do this.

So, back to “awkward.” It’s an adjective that has received a lot of bad PR. It’s uncomfortable and to be avoided and called out loudly if spotted, so the offending party can be publicly shamed. This, of course, usually ensures that the cycle of ashamed awkwardness continues.

That cycle of awkward shaming ends here. Awkwardness is a part of life that should be celebrated. It’s found in those moments where we are facing something new. Yes, it’s quite often uncomfortable, but a lot of that discomfort comes from a lack of familiarity with how to behave with newness.

That newness aspect is something I’m feeling very keenly as I write this first post, and wonder what Onward & Awkward is going to be. For now, I’m pushing through it, enthusiastically acknowledging the nearly ten times I used different variations of awkward (now it’s 10!), and convincing myself that the nauseous feeling is excitement.

Still not exactly sure what this journey will be, but it will be fueled by curiosity, newness, and a whole lot of awkward (11!).

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward (12).

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The Definition of Awkward Onward & Awkward

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