Cozy Cognizance

My week began with an early start and a cool but sunny Monday morning. This slight shift towards autumn has me thinking about all things cozy.

The thing about true coziness is that it requires discomfort. Really, think about it. Coziness requires that little bite of reality to remind us how incredible the simple things can be.

Fuzzy socks are exponentially softer when it’s snowing outside. Hot chocolate/coffee/tea is like liquid love when it hits your lips on a crisp, cool morning. There is nothing cozier than your favorite blanket after a hectic day.

Cozy is the balance to the hard and uncomfortable things in life. It’s a long chat with a friend after a frustrating day at work. It’s a warm embrace after a long journey.

Cozy doesn’t just exist in spite of the tough moments, in a weird way it exists because of them. It’s a place to breathe and just be. You can’t live there, but it’s nice to know you can rest there for a while when you need to.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

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