Soft Start

Welcome to the Monday-est of all Mondays — the first Monday of the year. I actually enjoy Mondays, and the first one of the year is no exception. That being said, I fully understand that for many, Mondays are the worst. That makes this first Monday after the holidays, the absolute worst.

With that in mind, I thought I’d start the year with something light and a bit fluffy.

A few weeks ago, I was able to take time off for the first time in a long while. During the course of the week, I went places and did things. For the purpose of this post, those details aren’t important. What is important is the photo above.

For those experiencing technical difficulties, this photo is of the roundest squirrel I have ever seen. I came across this squirrel while walking through a city park. One moment I was on my way to my next destination and the next I was at eye level with this fluffball.

Needless to say, this spherical squirrel stopped me in my tracks and a mini-photoshoot ensued.

I’m bringing up this random moment for a couple reasons 1) Because I wanted an excuse to share this photo. 2) As a reminder to stay open to joy.

Your joy may not come in the form of a circular squirrel who has mastered preparing for winter. (We can’t all be that lucky.) Admittedly, my example is a bit ridiculous, but in my experience, the best kinds of joy are at least a little bit silly.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t really my thing, especially in the midst of a pandemic. However, I am a fan of goals. Heading into 2022, a little more joy and silliness is something we could all use.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

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Soft Start Onward & Awkward

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