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There’s something about driving through wide-open, less-inhabited spaces. The sky is bigger and the journey becomes less about reaching a destination and more about taking in what lies between you and the horizon.

Of course, these spaces are never truly wide-open. There are reminders of the wider world all around. Wires and train lines that connect. Signs and billboards that divide.

It’s easy and tempting to become too focused on either one. One will leave you mesmerized and a bit complacent. The other, cross-eyed, bewildered, and a little nauseous. Neither is ideal.

Widen that focus a bit and the landscape will reveal itself as a bit more complex.

Wind turbines spin away. The fields make their way through another season. The communities around them do the same.

The sky becomes big again and the horizon reappears, not dividing but connecting the earth and sky.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Stay Awkward.

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