About Onward & Awkward

Welcome to Onward & Awkward, a place for exploring the everyday awkwardness that comes with being human. The O&A journey is starting in 2021, a year that has a few of its own quirks but is on the heels of a year that rattled even the most unflappable amongst us.

This site is not a response to the craziness of this moment we’re slowly emerging from, but I do hope it offers some sense of community and commonality after one heck of an isolating year. We may all have our differences, but I think we can all agree (if we’re being honest) that there’s going to be a lot of awkwardness as we figure out this new normal. Might as well embrace it.

About Lindsey

Hi! I’m Lindsey, the woman behind this experiment in awkwardness. I’m a freelance writer, editor, and sometimes photographer. I’m curious about most things, a fan of kindness, and a big believer in the importance of mental health.

If you want to know more, check out the blog or reach out via the contact page. If you like the photos on the site you can order prints of more of my work here.

Awkward adj.

Not smooth or graceful, but here and willing to try anyways.

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